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What People Are Saying About Ms. Ayana's Coaching... 
I love that she employs such an expansive arsenal 
of tools & techniques to aid her clients 
that are applicable at exactly the right time. 
She is so real and raw, 
but in the most sincere, compassionate and empathetic way 
and is wholly committed to the holistic well-being 
of those she serves. 
My experience in working with her has never felt awkward or sterile as is the case with some therapists. 
I’ve always felt very comfortable and supported by her on my journey to wholeness. 
I always feel 
so much better 
when I leave a session. 
I feel like a weight 
has been lifted 
off my shoulders.
I have deeper connections...
 I feel good about my growth 
and others see it too! 
My Reiki session rocked! 
What stood out most was 
how connected and grounded I felt.
Not being sure what to expect 
and then being met with 
such a deep calm 
that I can actively recall
 at anytime 
made this a very lasting 
and pivotal experience.
- KB 
Words used to describe Ms. Ayana and her work include...
  • Highly Skilled 
  • "She helps me heal spiritually"
  • "She is Made for this work"
  • "Ms. Ayana saved my life"
  • "I get excited about my sessions!"
  • I don't know how her mojo works, yet it WORKS!
  • She get results! 
  • The quality of her work is undeniable.
  • I'm definitely coming back! 

"Admitting to your self that you're not happy doesn't mean you're admitting failure.  It means you're acknowledging your desire for change." 
Can I use my insurance?
No. Insurance is very specific about the services it will cover. Although there is a therapeutic component to Ms. Ayana's coaching (as she is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker), you will actually be exposed to a wider range of interventions to help you experience results sooner.
How is coaching and psychotherapy different?
Psychotherapy is a gradual process and focuses on examining your past. It can take years. Ms. Ayana's approach to coaching infuses spiritual and holistic modalities to go even deeper while putting the focus on redesigning the life ahead of you. As a coaching client, Ms. Ayana is able to share all of the amazing knowledge she has acquired through the years about the true Spirit of the Healing Arts. 
Can I pay per session?
Certainly.  Just know that the rate is higher.  You benefit by purchasing a package because it will provide you a savings and your results are always better when you invest in the process.  Healing takes time.  Therefore by investing in 12 weeks or more, you set the intention of growing at your natural sacred pace. 
Can I be seen live in the office?
All of Ms. Ayana's services are remote at this time.  

This is to protect the well-being and health of all. 
How do I know my money isn't best spent otherwise?
It is always your choice of how to spend your hard earned money.  Yet, investing in yourself will cost you less in the long run.  Stress and dissatisfaction have a way of progressive getting worse over time.  Haven't you waited long enough? Why stretch it even more when you can have the keys to redesign your life through discovering your sacred feel good formula? 
Are you taking new clients? How soon can I start?
Ms. Ayana has built a reputation for results.  Therefore, it is possible she may have a waitlist.  However, the Universe always knows what is best!! If She is Indeed the support you need, a way will indeed be made! Reach out for your Soul Check today!

If you are waitlisted, Ms. Ayana has preliminary self-study materials that will allow you to get started. That way, when you do meet with her, you will be prepared to do intensive work given you will have the basics under wraps. 
You don't have to do it alone. 
Dive Deeper!  Having the knowledge isn't enough to fix your emotional pain.  Let the process unfold and be supported by others who are seeking to Live Light(er) just like you! 
Through her own personal and professional transformational journeys, Ms. Ayana has unlocked the 
formula... feeling good and embracing one's own Divine Inner Wisdom.  It was never enough to just follow the lead of others, she learned to nagivate her own (often deep and heavy) inner world of emotions.  

Now, she is on the mission to help you feel FULL again!! 

Start Redesigning Your Life Today!
Imagine feeling the peace you thought was gone.  Imagine feeling good despite what appears to be craziness all around.  Imagine being filled with eagerness as you realize you are truly happy although life remains in a imperfect state.  Just imagine feeling good and knowing how you did it! 
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